3.00-4 Tyre & Tube ( 3.00x4, 300x4, 3.00 x 4, 300 x 4 )

Stock Status: In Stock
Size: 3.00-4
Wheel Size: 4 Inch
Inner Tube Included: Yes
Product Code: 2001


Tyre and tube set size 3.00-4

Small tyres often fitted to sack trucks and other small commercial hand trucks and Garden carts. These 3.00-4 sack truck tyres come with inner tubes included and have a 4ply rating. The diamond tread pattern giving these 3.00-4 tyres excellent grip on greasy or oily floors. This tyre comes complete with a 3.00-4 tube which has a TR87 bent metal valve. These 3.00-4 tyres can also be used on Mobility Scooters and Garden Carts.
Also shown as: 3.00-4, 300x4, 300 x 4, 3.00 x 4


Tyre Features:

  • 4 Ply Rated tyre for Higher load capacity.
  • Diamond pattern tread for excellent grip.
  • 3.00-4 TR87 tube supplied with tyre.
  • Easy to fit replacement sack truck tyre.
  • 3.00-4 Sack Truck Tyre
  • 3.00-4 Mobility Scooter Tyre
  • Garden Cart Tyre 3.00-4
  • Want something stronger try our heavy duty 3.00-4 tyre set
Description Tyre & tube set
Size 3.00-4 (260x85)
Tread Pattern Diamond
Valve Type TR87 Bent valve
Max Load Kg 120kg
Ply Rating 4PR
Max PSI 50

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